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Un argentino en Toronto

Toronto in Winter

This is a funny audio clip of an Argentine who lives in Toronto (it’s a joke). There are lots of great Argentine expressions, so for anyone who wants to hear some Argentine Spanish, this is a great little introduction to it.  There are a few vulgar expressions, so if you think this would bother you, […]

Spanish in Argentina – Pronunciation, Intonation, and Argentina Vos Form

Spanish in Argentina – Pronunciation, Intonation, and Argentina Vos Form

Argentine Castellano, or better said, caste-SH-ano, is significantly different from all other forms of Castellano (which means the Spanish language).    If you have come here to learn Spanish, be aware that there are many differences, and you will be learning a Spanish that differs a lot from Spanish spoken in all other countries.  That being […]

Why the Argentinians Use the ‘vos’ Form

In Argentina, when speaking in the second person, they use the pronoun vos instead of tú.  Not only is it a different pronoun, but it is also a slightly different conjugation than tú, when used in the present or the imperative (see our post on the vos form for more detail).  Most people, including many Argentines, believe that the vos […]

Formal Spanish Use in Argentina

One difficult thing for English speakers to get used to when speaking Spanish is speaking formally, by using the “usted” form.  In English, you say “you” to everyone, because there is no distinction between formal and informal.  In Spanish, “you” can either be “vos” (remember that in Argentina, they don´t use “tú” they use vos) […]

What is Lunfardo?

Surely at some point you have seen or heard about Lunfardo. You probable saw something about it when looking up Argentine slang, or you read about it at some point in a guide book, or heard it mentioned somewhere. What is it exactly? Perhaps the most accurate definition is that it is collection of terms […]

10 Ways to Help You Become Fluent In Spanish While Living in Buenos Aires

10 Ways to Help You Become Fluent In Spanish While Living in Buenos Aires

If you are visiting or living in Buenos Aires, you probably are trying to learn or improve your Spanish.The obvious way to learn and improve your Spanish would be to take a Spanish course, and then make sure to speak as much Spanish as possible.However, there are many other ways you can improve you language […]

Mastering Argentine Spanish

In order to understand and master Argentine Spanish, there are a few things you will need to learn first, even if you already speak Spanish. First, you will have to learn and become familiar with the Argentine accent and intonation, which is what gives the Argentine Spanish such a distinct sound. Once familiar with these […]

Argentine Spanish: The Most Common Words and Phrases

This is a list of some of the most common words and phrases you will hear when speaking to an Argentine. Not all are specific to Argentina, but it is important to know and understand them, because you will be hearing them A LOT! This will help you understand Argentine Spanish and will also help […]

Argentine Slang

A list of some basic Argentine slang. Naturally, there are many more words to learn, but this makes a good start. Bajón (f) 1. a downer, something that sucks Es un bajón. Que bajón. That sucks, that´s too bad. Bancar (v) 1. to tolerate. No me lo banco más. I can’t put up with it […]