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Hostelling Life in Buenos Aires with Top Budgeting Tips

For its requisite steak dinners and all-night techno raves, Buenos Aires is a favorite of many budget travellers. Of course, when your days are filled to bursting with Latin-European flair, it’s all too easy to forget about that ever-dwindling peso count. Luckily, provided you’ve done your research, living the BA hostelling life is not too […]

Casa Vintage – Part Hostel/Part Shared Apartment

If you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires for an extended period of time, or you´re tired of hostels and dorm rooms, this is something you may want to consider.  It´s not exactly a hostel…nor a hotel….and not quite a shared apartment.  So what is it?  It’s the Casa Vintage. This restored, classic “chorizo” […]