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If you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires for an extended period of time, or you´re tired of hostels and dorm rooms, this is something you may want to consider.  It´s not exactly a hostel…nor a hotel….and not quite a shared apartment.  So what is it?  It’s the Casa Vintage.

This restored, classic “chorizo” style apartment built in the 20th century has been renovated and furnished with vintage furniture.  It is a giant apartment of 7 rooms and each room is unique in the way that it is furnished.     Think high ceilings, wood floors, chandeliers, and classic molding throughout.

This hostel-style apartment comes with most of the services you will find in a hostel, including a computer with internet, Wifi, TV with DVDs, fully equipped kitchen, and the apartment is cleaned daily from Monday to Friday.  The shared areas include a kitchen, two bathrooms (only one with shower), a sitting room, and a spacious living room with 10 meter high ceilings.  It is not luxury accommodation, but it definitely has style, and is far more comfortable than a hostel.

The rooms are broken down into three categories.  There two huge rooms with balconies overlooking the street (a very busy street so they can be quite loud), three medium sized rooms, and two smaller rooms up a flight of stairs.  The prices are all based on these different categories, and current prices can be found at

The nice thing about the casa vintage is there are no dorm rooms, and there are rarely more than 10 people living in the house.  This may seem like a lot for 7 rooms, but it is a large building, and somehow never seems cramped.  This is ideal if you want your own room, but still want the ease of a hostel….booking by the day or week, maid service, stocked bathroom, etc.

Perhaps the best part about Casa Vintage is Jorge, the person who runs Casa Vintage.  He is extremely friendly, a true Argentine with “re-buena onda.”  He often stops by to visit with the guests, and is always happy to join you for a beer or a glass of wine.   Right from the start, you are treated like an old friend.  Just as welcoming is his assistant Alejandra, who is a Tango teacher/receptionist at Casa Vintage.  She goes by the Casa every day from Monday through Friday, to work on some administrative issues.  She also speaks English, and is willing to help you with anything you need.

Nowhere is perfect, and it is important to note a few of the downsides to the Casa Vintage.  One of these is the Kitchen.  Similar to most hostels, it could be better equipped.  You could say “it has everything you NEED, but not everything you would LIKE.”  Also, there is only one full sized fridge for the seven rooms, leaving you a fairly small space keep your food.  Likewise, there is only one shower, which can make the mornings a little tricky.

For the most part, the Casa Vintage is a great place to make your temporary home, and is like no other accommodation option in Buenos Aires.  You get the chance to stay in an old-fashioned Argentine Mansion, your own room, right in the epicenter of Buenos Aires.   Past guests have raved about the good vibe and great experience they had at the Casa Vintage, and it continues to be a highly recommended place to stay when visiting Buenos Aires.

More Info:

Location:  353 Talcahuano (Microcentro)

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    Thx for a good read Casa Vintage – Part Hostel/Part Shared Apartment | Expose: Buenos Aires! Abe Trusler

  2. brick says:

    I stayed at the San Telmo location. It was great!

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