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Most people unfamiliar with wine in Argentina (which is pretty much everyone when they first arrive) will often wonder how much they need to spend to buy a decent wine in a retail store. This is no easy question, because wine varies so much from person to person. However, here is something to start with, until you´re more comfortable buying wines in Buenos Aires. All prices in pesos of course.

$12 – $15: buys you a decent, cheap wine, the kind you can drink for any occasion. An every nights wine.
$18 – $25: Nice wine, the kind you can bring to someone´s house for dinner without having to pay too much. These are quite good.
$28 – $40: Starting to get very good. You can find wines in this range that are very good quality.
$40 – $70: Excellent wines, if you know what to pick
$70 and up: you can find exceptional wines for this price. Be aware that once you’re spending over $100, the wines need to age for a while before you really get to appreciate their benefits.

Where is the best place to buy wines?

Your best options are the vinotecas, which are specialty wine stores. This is where you will get the best selection, and the prices are about the same. One of the better chains is Ligier, which has a variety of locations throughout Buenos Aires. The more expensive supermarkets such as Disco, Jumbo, and Carrefour have decent selections as well. The small supermarkets are only good if you want a basic wine.

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