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Buenos Aires has an amazing climate, though it’s not nearly as warm in the winter as people expect it to be. It doesn’t snow, but can get quite chilly. Here is a quick description of what each season is like in Buenos Aires. If you just want a quick idea of Buenos Aires weather and precipitation averages, take a look at the graph below.

Summer – December, January, February
The summers are very hot and very humid. An average week will involve mostly sunny days, with the highs around 30C-35C (86F-95F). There aren’t any beaches in Buenos Aires, so it can be quite uncomfortable for some people. The nights in summer are beautiful, because the temperature usually cools down to about 20C (68F), so it is just warm enough to be outside without a jacket. It doesn’t actually rain very often, usually only about once a week. However, when it does rain, it rains a lot, and is often a thunderstorm.

Fall – March, April, May
March is the rainiest month in Buenos Aires, so there are a few times during the month that involve multiple days of rain. However, there is still quite a bit of sun, and many days when the temperature rises above 30C (86F). Nights are still warm, at just under 20C (68F) and you can usually be outside without a jacket.

April starts to cool off a little, with daily highs around 20C-25C (68F-77F). It rains a little less than in March, but expect a few good rainfalls. The nights in April will be the first time you start to feel cold, and will definitely need to wear a jacket. Temperatures at night are usually around 15C (59F).

By the time May arrives, things have really started to cool off. Expect a few days of nice warm weather, somewhere in the 20s, but an average day will usually only go up to about 18C (64F), and the air feels cool. Nights can be quite chilly, with temperatures usually around 10C (50F). It does not rain much in May.

Winter – June, July, August
Winters can be quite chilly, but the great thing about them, is that there is very little rain. You are almost guaranteed a nice sunny day. Daytime temperatures usually go up to about 15C (59F) and the nights cool off to a chilly 7C (45F). Although it does not rain much, the air is fairly humid, meaning it is a somewhat damp cold, so feels colder than you would expect. By the end of August, the temperatures start to warm up a bit.

Spring – September, October, November
September starts to warm up quite a lot, especially by the end of the month. Temperatures usually go up to about 18C (64F), but nights remain chilly at around 10C (50F). There should be a some rainy days, but expect lots of sun.

October and November are two of the best months to be in Buenos Aires because the weather is great, but it is not as busy as in the summer months. October highs are usually around 23C (73F. Nights are still a bit chilly, around 12C (53F). It is one of the rainier months in Buenos Aires, but sunny days easily outnumber the rainy and cloudy ones.

Days in November can get pretty warm, usually around 25C-30C (77F-86F), and nights are quite nice as well, usually around 15C (59F). There are usually a few really cold days, just to remind you that its not quite summer, but it never lasts. Similar to October, there is usually some rain, and a few good storms. By the end of the month, things are starting to get really hot, and its not uncommon to have days over 30C (86F).

Buenos Aires Weather

Buenos Aires Weather – provided by BBC

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi! Great site, I just came across it.

    Would you say there is a difference throughout the year (especially summer) in temperature between living near the river (Belgrano/Palermo/Las Cañitas) vs. somewhere like Caballito? How about any other temperature differences around the city?

  2. admin says:

    Hey Mike,

    There temperatures are pretty much the same throughout all of Buenos Aires. The only difference is if you are right on the river, which is usually slightly cooler both in summer and winter. But temperature in Belgrano or Las Canitas compared to Caballito will be the same.

    Also, once you get to the suburbs, things are usually little cooler in the winter.



  3. mandys says:

    hi, i live in argentina and i could prolly say this year is an exception to the rule… it’s been raining like hell (..possible? hehe) all throughout jan and feb… it floods at least a lil once or even twice a week… crazy!

    temperatures unfortunately havent changed… we get the same hot and wet weather that makes u feel out of breath in a sec!

    i luv muy country but, mother nature! come on! give us a break!! hehe
    thank goodness we got pretty places to visit (for tourists and for us becoming tourists every weekend just because we like it!) regardless the rain! =)

  4. Matt says:

    Ya, this year has been pretty crazy…definitely not the norm!

    – matt

  5. Kit Kat says:

    Global warming people…everyones talking about it.

  6. Hello,
    Excellent site. I really enjoyed reading.
    I’ll be back to visit again soon 🙂

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