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One of the largest and most important cultural events of the year, the Feria de Libros is an event that anyone should try to get to once.  Taking place at La Rural, and using the entire space, the book fair is comprised of over 1,000 exhibitors, mainly different publishing companies from Argentina and around the world.  Each publisher sets up a space with a selection of their books, open for purchase by the public.  Some amazing deals can be found, as the publishers often sell the books at a discount.

Many publishers have the same or similar books, so it does take some time to go through the whole fair.  Although the majority of publishers are Latin American, there are publishers from other countries that sell books in their country’s native tongue.  There are also various publishers that specialize in specific areas, such as languages or science.

Something that the majority of the public tends to miss are the variety of round tables, discussions, book signings, and other events that take place.  These provide a great opportunity to learn more about literature in Argentina and the rest of South America.

A few things to keep in mind:

– try to stay away from the fair on weekends, or you will likely run into long line-ups to get into the fair, in addition to long line-ups at every exhibitor.  The best time to visit the fair is during the day Monday to Friday, or on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.

– the best way to visit the book fair is to make a day out of it.  Go early, and take your time working your way through the different exhibits, sit down for a coffee, and then keep browsing.  Its not an event you can expect to enter and leave in a short amount of time.

– many publishers offer huge discounts on the the last weekend of the event.  Be sure to attend those days if possible, although try to go right at the beginning of the day.

– if you are a student, you get free entry, so bring your student ID!

– Clarin and La Nacion also have their own exhibits, and you have the chance to purchase all of the special books that they see throughout the year in their newspapers.  Sometimes they are classis books, encyclopedias, books about science, reference books, kids books, etc.  and they are always very cheap!

When: April
Where:  La Rural
Why:  A massive selection of books for great prices.
More Info:  http://www.el-libro.org.ar/

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