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Cheap Hotels in Buenos Aires

Like any metropolitan city, Buenos Aires has all types of accommodation options, including some great cheap hotels.  Unfortunately, due to high inflation and a booming tourism industry, the deals aren´t quite the same as before.

One of the problems with finding cheap hotels in Buenos Aires is that many of them do not have websites and cannot be booked online.  This creates a huge problem for most travellers, who want to book in advance, and don´t feel comfortable phoning a foreign country to do so.   Not only that, but because they can´t be booked online, it is difficult to find out about them.

Here is a list of some things you should keep in mind when looking for a cheap hotel.   Hopefully, these will help prevent unpleasant surprises.

  • if you are here in the summer months (November through March), make sure the hotel has air conditioning.  It gets insanely hot and humid during the day, and hardly cools off at night.  Most people find they are unable to sleep during the evenings, unless they have an air conditioned room.
  • it may be hot in the summer, but that doesn´t meet it isn´t cold in the winter.   Although the temperature varies during winter months (mainly Jun-August), it can get very cold for a few days, so cold that a few blankets won´t be enough to keep you warm.  Find out if they have heat, and if so, what type of heaters they are.  If it’s a big room, a small space heater will not be enough.
  • cable TV.   It is possible to find some decent budget hotels in BA that have cable TV.   And the nice thing about TV here, is that you can watch most of the same programs you will see back home, and they aren´t even dubbed.  Argentines prefer subtitles which works in your favor.
  • location.   Check our barrio guide for a location that suits your tastes, and make sure its not in a dangerous location.   You don´t want to end up with a hotel reservation in an area where you can walk around at night.
  • never accept the first rate given.   Always ask if they can give you a better rate, or if they have discounts AAA card holders, student ID, corporate rates, etc.  They will often lower the price.

If you can´t find a hotel that meets your budget, or perhaps you´re looking for something else, we have also included a list of some other budget accommodation options in Buenos Aires.

Wondering about current prices? Take a look in our booking.com search box:

Other Cheap Accomodation Options


Temporary furnished apartments are perhaps the best budget option available in Buenos Aires.  Not only are they significantly cheaper than hotels, but they come with a kitchen, more space, and sometimes even a washing machine.  These amenities can save you a lot of money in the long run, though are really only useful if you are here for a week or more.

For more information on apartment rentals, you can search through a variety of our articles on apartments in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires has some amazing hostels, and the majority have their own private rooms.  And contrary to popular belief, Hostel isn´t always synonymous with dirty, loud, young and obnoxious.  There are many hostels in Buenos Aires that aren´t your typical backpackers party-spots (and many that are), which have quiet private rooms, private bathrooms, air condition, shared kitchens, and great patios.     On top of that, most hostels here have a range of extra services, and can book you into city tours, tango tours, soccer tours, and other kinds of fun Argentine activities.

Boutique Hostel

Boutique hotels in Buenos Aires aren´t necessarily budget options – what makes them so is the comparative value.  Buenos Aires, and especially Palermo, is full of some amazing boutique hotels, and their prices are often better than the big name hotels in downtown Buenos Aires.  The rooms, although no larger, are often much nicer, as is the hotel itself.  Service tends to be personalized and the small quaint atmosphere of these beautiful spots is a real delight.

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  1. i always get my hotel reservations in advance specially during peak seasons`”

  2. I made a reservation last summer and it was so hot and humid during the day. But that didn’t stop me from going around the places. I had a wonderful experience. Most of all, they have given me a BIG discount.

  3. Very nice information to tourist when they are visiting Buenos aires and the major problem is where to stay and in which hotel might this blog can help out.

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