Sipan was one of the first Japanese-Peruvian restaurants in Buenos Aires, and has a great reputation.  This is one of my favorite types of cuisine, and I´ve been dying to try this place out for AGES.  Finally, I got the opportunity, and was VERY impressed.

The restaurant is located in the microcentro, which during the day is a zoo.  However, by night, it is pretty quiet all around, other than inside the restaurant.  Sipan is more Peruvian than Japanese (as opposed to Osaka, which is more Japanese than Peruvian), but has does serve sushi rolls and has a number of dishes with Japanese flavors.  The menus is quite varied, and has ceviches, tiraditos, causas, sushi and nigiris, soups and traditional Peruvian dishes, some of them with a Japanese element.

After our order, we were brought (as an amuse bouche) cholitos a la chalaca, a typical Peruvian dish os muscles with a tomato and onion marinade.  They were a great start to the meal, and foreshadowed the great meal to come.  Our next dish was maracuya salmon tiraditos, which are thinly sliced pieces of salmon, with a passionfruit honey mustard glaze.  They were amazing, and only continued to make my mouth water in anticipation.  We were then brought a typical ceviche, which was equally impressive, and the leche de tigre (marinade) was as good as any I´ve had in Peru.  It was a ceviche of sole, and the fish was very fresh.  Next up was a crunchy salmon sushi role, with two dips – a teriyaki and a rocoto pepper one.  It was also delicious, and the light crunchy exterior gave it a great texture.

Finally , we had a couple of Ají de Gallina empanadas, which were good, but nothing special.  To finish the dinner, we shared a deletable, albeit very rich, suspiro limeño.

Maracuya TiraditosService was friendly, but he completely forgot about two dishes we ordered, and came back to ask about them, pretending he hadn´t forgot.  We then had to wait a long time for them to come out.  Other than that, service was pretty decent.  When we first arrived in the restaurant, we were sat right by the entrance to the kitchen, at a giant round table (we were only 3 people) which was extremely noisy – we asked to move outside, and they were very accommodating.  The table in the outer section was much better.

All in all, this was a fantastic meal.  I would say it is equally as good as Osaka, which has some similar plates, and better than some of the other Peruvian Japanese restaurants I´ve been to in BA, such as Parú.  The atmosphere is nice, but can be a bit loud in the inner section, and they also have a separate section which can be used for large groups..

Bottom Line: One of the best spots for Peruvian Japanese fusion.

Food 9
Service 7
Atmosphere 7
Wine List 7
Cost $$$$
Overall 8

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Sipan Cocina Peruana & Pisco Bar
Paraguay 624 – Microcentro
Tel: 4315-0763

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