Restaurant Review Rankings

Here is a breakdown of how we rate restaurants.


1-4 * BAD Dissapointing, not worth eating.

5-6 * OK Nothing more nothing less. Its edible, but you don´t want to pack the leftovers to bring them home.

7-8 * GOOD Tasty, better than average.

9 * GREAT Delicious food, makes you want to finish everything and lick the plate

10 * DELI You never knew food could be this good. Amazing combinations of flavors, just the right amount of each flavor, nicely presented.


1-4 * POOR Brutal service, slow and unfriendly

5-6 * AVERAGE So so, just “doing their job”

7-8 * GOOD Decent service, could be either friendly, attentive, or professional, but in some way better than average

9 * GREAT Friendly, professional, attentive, made a noticeable difference in the dining experience

10 * GOLDEN Truly excellent service, leaving nothing to be desired.

Atmosphere (0-10)

1-4 * POOR Bad in a combination of ways. Could be dirty, noisy, poorly decorated, poor lighting, tables squished together, bad music.

5-6 * AVERAGE Fair, nothing that makes you want to be there, but its not unbearable. Just a simple place to go eat.

7-8 * NICE. The place has style. You could see yourself sitting around enjoying a meal.

9 * STYLIN. Great atmosphere that fits the restaurant. The type of place you don´t want to leave, really enhances the dining experience.

10 * WOW You wish you could live in the place. Perfect lighting, tastefully decorated, great choice of music, tons of “onda.”

Wine List

1-4 * POOR The most basic of wine lists. Poor selection, and nothing more than cheap wines available.

5-6 * AVERAGE Not much selection, decent budget options, maybe a couple of medium and higher end wines.

7-8 * GOOD Decent options in all price brackets. Mostly big name wines, but ones that are well-chosen.

9 * GREAT An impressive selection of wines from the large wineries, as well as the bouquet wineries.

10 * SOMMELIER A wine list that would dazzle a sommelier. All your favorites, plus a number of hard to find wines are available as well.


All prices are in pesos and based on a meal at dinner that included an appetizer OR dessert, a main course, and a glass of wine.

$ * up to $40

$$ * $40 – $70

$$$* $70 – $100

$$$$ * $100 – $140

$$$$$ * $120 and up


Overall takes everything into account, especially value. Was the experience worth the money?

1-5 * LAME Not worth going to

6-7 * OK Leaves a lot to be desired. Not a place you´d recommend, but worth going to if you can´t find a better option.

7-8 * RECOMMENDED A good experience, and well worth the money.

9 * EXCELLENT Highly recommended. Impressive in all categories, definitely a place you should try.

10 * DO NOT MISS There are very few 10s in Buenos Aires, and if you have a chance to go, then don´t miss it!

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