Bar Isabel


Sophie´s is a very exclusive bar in Palermo Soho, owned by the same people who own Casa Cruz and Oslen´s. As you can imagine, it is very expensive, and although the chic-retro atmosphere is worth a visit, you may find it hard to rationalize a visit here over some of [...] Read more »

Steve McCurry Photo Exhibit

Currently at the Centro Cultural Borges is an exhibit of 110 photographs by the world renowned photographer Steve McCrurry.  If this name does not ring a bell, you will probably recognize some of his photographs.  The most famous, titled “Afghan girl” appeared in National Geographic in 1984.  This photograph, and [...] Read more »

Anuva Wine Tastings

Anuva is a wine importing company based in both the US and Argentina.   In Buenos Aires, they offer gourmet wine tastings where they serve a selection of mid to high-end Argentine wines. If there was one word you could use to describe an Anuva wine tasting, it would be unique. [...] Read more »