Tucson Steak House & Bar

Tucson is an American style steakhouse, serving Argentine beef.  They serve typical American dishes such as ribs with BBQ sauce, steaks and other meats with sauces and ceasar salad, all in a American-like atmosphere.  The restaurant is pleasant, very modern with clean lines, mostly dark colors, and quite bright. We [...] Read more »

Minga Restaurant

Located overlooking the Plaza Palermo Viejo, Minga has one of the best locations in Palermo.  They have a nice patio in front of the restaurant, perfect for people watching.  I was there late on a cold Friday night, hungry and eager to fill the large void that had opened in [...] Read more »

Amalaya Gran Corte 2009


The Amalay Gran Corte is a blend of mainly Malbec with Cabernet Franc and Tanna, and is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels.  It is a fantastic wine in every way  – it is a full-bodied wine with a rich, ruby red color. The nose is dominated by [...] Read more »