BAFIM – Buenos Aires International Music Festival

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The BAFIM is a fairly new event (started in 2006), but has grown incrementally in three years.  Attendance in 2008 was over 100,000, which is nearly triple the 35,000 people that attended in 2006.

As a music lover, the main draw to the BAFIM is the selection of “nearly” free live shows.  I say nearly free, because you do have to pay a small entrance fee ($10 pesos in 2008) and you can see all the shows for that day.  In 2009, there are over 80 shows to see, and some of these featured some pretty impressive headliners.

Like most music festivals in Buenos Aires, the main music style is some form of rock, with a significant amount of reggae.  However, there are plenty of other options, including folk, tango, jazz and electronic.

Although most people will go only to enjoy the free live shows, this is no Pepsi Music Festival…the BAFIM is all about the music industry, and is the reason it was created.  It provides an opportunity for musicians, producers, record labels, and business associated with the music scene, to network and talk about all things related to the industry.  This is done through conferences, workshops, presentations, a trade fair, and a space dedicated to business dealings.

Although BAFIM is a highly recommended festival for anyone interested in seeing live Argentine music, the event has suffered a few growing pains.  In 2008, the events were seriously overcrowded, with entrance line-ups of over two hours at times.  Inside the event was chaotic at times, and the sound quality left a lot to be desired.  Not exactly the best chance for new bands to show their stuff.

Nevertheless, when you peruse the idea that you are only paying $10 pesos to see some of Argentina´s top bands (2008 included shows by Fito Paez, Fidel Nadal, Dante, to name just a few), it all becomes worth it.

When: In October or November
Where:  Changes every year
Why:  You want to be in the hub of Argentina´s music scene
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    Hello, I love all your blogs, keep them coming.

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    Thanks for sharing our event! We hope u come to bafim!!

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