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Renting a car in Buenos Aires? If You Plan on Driving Here, Be Aware of the Following

You don´t have to spend much time in Buenos Aires to notice how chaotic the traffic is, and as is typical in many Latin countries, the drivers can be pretty crazy. What most people don´t know, is that Argentina has the highest accident rate in the WORLD, nearly double that of the United States. If […]

Temporary Furnished Apartments in Buenos Aires

Temporary furnished apartments are the best option if you are planning on staying in Buenos Aires for less than a year. It is easy to find one in any neighborhood that interests you, and they come with all the furniture you´ll need, and rarely do you have to pay any fees other than the rent […]

Mendozan Wines: What Makes them so Good

When a foreigner thinks of wine from Argentina, they will almost always associate it with Mendoza. The majority of exported wines are from Mendoza, and the Mendozan wines are so good that they are starting to win many international awards. To truly appreciate these wines, it is important to know WHY these wines are so […]

Christmas in Buenos Aires

Christmas in Buenos Aires

The sun is shining, temperatures are in the high 30s, and there is a heavy humidity that challenges your inner strength.  Not exactly what most North Americans are used to during Christmas holidays.   However, this is the feeling of Christmas in Argentina, a far different experience than you´ll have in the northern hemisphere.  And it´s […]

Formal Spanish Use in Argentina

One difficult thing for English speakers to get used to when speaking Spanish is speaking formally, by using the “usted” form.  In English, you say “you” to everyone, because there is no distinction between formal and informal.  In Spanish, “you” can either be “vos” (remember that in Argentina, they don´t use “tú” they use vos) […]

Inflation in Buenos Aires

Inflation is one of some serious problems in Argentina, and anyone planning on being here for an extended period of time should take it into account.   I arrived in March of 2007.  Since that time, the “official inflation” (the inflation rate according to the government) is around 10%.  However, this is just a big joke.  […]


Graffitimundo is an arts organisation dedicated to promoting Buenos Aires urban art. We run unique tours throughout the city, visiting hidden graffiti hotspots and meeting the street artists themselves. We also organise exhibitions, workshops, talks and work to document this inspiring and vibrant scene.

Recoleta Cultural Center

The Centro Cultural Recoleta is located in one of the most frequented tourist spots in the entire city, right in between the famous Recoleta cemetery and the popular shopping center Buenos Aires design. The complex itself has quite the history. Early in the 18th century, the land was donated to the Franciscan Friars of Recoleta, […]

Fiesta Bubamara – Balkan Gypsy Music Party in Buenos Aires

This is a unique event, and if you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires for a Fiesta Bubamara, you should make every attempt to go. The Fiesta Bubamara is a Balkan gypsy music party, where they have a few live bands playing, followed by a DJ, who plays popular Balkan gypsy music. The […]

Staying Safe in Buenos Aires

There are many things you can do to avoid dangerous situations when you’re in Buenos Aires.  Below are a few tips to help you stay safe: When taking money out from an ATM, don´t take out too much.  What is too much?   Keep it under $2000 for sure, better to keep it at or under […]