Argentine Polo Open Championship

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At the end of December, one of the most important Polo tournaments in the world happens in Palermo. Not only is it one of the most important, it is also one of the oldest in the world (started in 1893).

Although this is an important event for Polo lovers, it is also a great chance for people who nothing about Polo to watch some of the best Polo in the world. It is easy to get tickets to the round robin games, and unlike Argentine football games, there is no chaos going to or leaving the field. Although Polo is an expensive sport to play, tickets to these games are rather cheap, starting at around $20 pesos.

To purchase tickets, you can either go to the Polo Field in Palermo, or you can buy them online at Ticketek. The tickets first come on sale as a package for all six dates, but if you only want to see one game, the tickets come on sale a few days before the match.

Don’t know anything about the rules? The basic rules are easy to learn, here is a website with a simple explanation:

You can also check out the Argentine Polo Association’s website, which has information about teams and dates.

When: End of November/Beginning of December
What: One of the greatest polo events in the world, this tournament attracts some of the world´s greatest polo teams.
Why: Highly recommended for Polo fans, and anyone who has an interest of seeing an amazing sport. Also great for people that like horses.
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