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Fernet and Coke
Fernet is actually an italian spirit, made from fermented grapes and a plethora of herbs.  It is bitter and syropy, and has a taste similar to cough syrop.  Just like mate, Fernet is generally an acquired taste, something you don´t like until you´ve tried it a number of times.

In Argentina, fernet is everywhere.  A coke and fernet is one of the most popular drinks among young people in Buenos Aires, if you go to a bar, a house party, or a disco.  If you are trying it for the first time, make sure to add lots of coke, this will help sweeten it and make it more drinkeable.

To prepare, you will need:
Fernet (Branca is the best brand, according to most people).
Highball glass
Slice of lime

Fill glass with ice.  Add one ounce of fernet, fill with coke, and garnish with a lime.

Fernet Menta (mint)
fernet-mentaFernet Menta is a mint version of the original fernet, and was invented by Branca.  It isn´t as strong (20% alc, compared to 43%), and is much sweeter.  It is typically served with sprite, and makes a green radioctive looking cocktail.  Fun and easy to drink.

To prepare, you will need:
Fernet Menta
Highball glass
Slice of lime

Fill glass with ice.  Add 1.5 shots of fernet menta.  Fill glass with sprite, and garnish with a slice of lime.

Gancia Batida
Gancia is an Italian aperitif, but is commonly used for cocktails at bars and clubs in Buenos Aires.   This drink is sweet, slightly thicker than wine, and has a bitter aftertaste.   The alcohol content is only 14.8%.

The most common cocktail made with Gancia is a Gancia Batida, which is a light, refreshing drink.

ganciaTo prepare, you will need:
6 oz Gancia
1 oz lemon juice
1 spoon sugar
Cocktail Glass
Slice of lemon

Add all ingredients to a shaker, and shake until sugar has dissolved.  Garnish with lemon slice.

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  1. Edward Patience says:

    Fernet mixed…never thought of it. It’s tough to drink straight, so mixing has some real appeal.

    Here is south Florida, Fernet Menta is very rare; we have had to special order it.

    It is a great post dinner beverage.

  2. Matt says:

    Wow, Fernet Menta in south florida, had no idea….I agree, very good after dinner beverage, its always a great drink to serve if for nothing more than the way it looks….radioactive cocktail.

  3. Tony says:

    Where in S. florida did you buy it?

  4. Casa34 says:

    Fernet is a very good drink when its prepared in the right way. You have to be careful to go to a good place to drink one because in crowded places with lot of young people they tend to do it really strong and you can get dizzi really fast so be carful with that! I experience it myself hehe

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