Apartments in Buenos Aires –What You Need to Look Out For When Apartment Hunting

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Let´s face it.  Finding a good valued apartment in Buenos Aires is no small task.  You could look all year and still not be successful, especially without the infamous garantía.  Or maybe you are able to find what you think is a great apartment, until you´ve been there for a week, and realise you have made a big mistake.  If you are hunting for an apartment, here are five things you may not have thought of when looking for an apartment.

  1. Cockroaches – Buenos Aires is packed full of cockroaches.   The are easily seen dead on the street, or running around the sidewalks, weaving between the chaotic pedestrian traffic.  They are also found in most people´s living areas, and probably in most restaurant kitchens (not a pleasant thought).   When looking at an apartment for rent, it can be difficult to know if it is infested with cockroaches.  However, make sure you check out the building as you go to the apartment, and as you are leaving.  You will want to check if it is clean, and same goes for inside the apartment.  Especially furnished apartment.  You can also ask the landlord if the building has regular fumigations, which are quite common in BA.  If you have a chance, ask the previous tenants if they’ve had problems with cockroaches.
  2. Black Mold – Buenos Aires is warm and humid, and bathrooms are often poorly ventilated.  It is common to find bathrooms that don´t have windows , further exacerbating the problem.  In Argentina, if there is black mold, it is common for someone to come in, paint over the mold, and pretend it never existed.  Unfortunately for the following tenants, this can be a serious health hazard.  Painting over black mold is not an effective way to get rid of the problem, and black mold is a serious health hazard.  Check the bathroom, and make sure that one, there is currently no black mold, and two, it doesn´t look like it has been painted over.  You may want to check the ventilation of the bathroom as well, because if you end up living there, you could have problems preventing black mold from appearing.
  3. Water pressure – most people don´t think of this, because it´s not that common in North America to find an apartment with horrible water pressure.  Here, it is very common, especially with the hot water!  Make sure to check the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom, especially the shower!
  4. Does it have heat and air conditioning?  You will freeze your ass off in the winter if you don´t have a heater, unless your in a building that has heating, and you are surrounded by heated apartments.  You can buy little space heaters, but they cost a lot to run.  Maybe you don´t mind walking around your house in a heavy sweater and a blanket at all times, but if you, you may want a place that has a gas heater. Try to find one that has exhaust to the outside, otherwise you will be breathing in small amounts of gas.  That being said, Buenos Aires get VERY hot and VERY humid in the summer.  For some, a fan may be enough, but be ready for 30C nights.   If not, make sure the unit has air conditioning.
  5. Self-Defrosting Fridges – it is likely you´ve never seen a fridge that does not automatically defrost.  Here, they are still quite common.  If you are renting a furnished apartment, you may want to check what kind of fridge it is.  If it does not defrost automatically, it will be up to you.   This usually has to be done every 1 to 2 weeks, and can lead to a huge pool of water in your kitchen!   If you are renting an unfurnished place, you will need to buy your own fridge.

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  5. I read as far as roaches then stopped – I HATE roaches! 🙂

  6. Linda says:

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for your time. I do not work for a particular company. I do own a very beautiful, 4 bedroom, 2-story loft apartment in the heart of Palermo on Cervino Street, just a few blocks from the zoo. I rent my apartment out directly to tourists as a vacation rental and have had the most wonderful guests and a number of repeat visitors. There are no bugs in the apartment. The water pressure is great. The apartment is beautiful, comfortable, very roomy and sunny and located on a very safe street. My apartment is extremely economical for larger groups or families with multi-generational members. Seven people can comfortably stay there and not feel crowded. It is walking distance or short cab ride to everything!

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